2012 Speaker Timothy Sellers

The Red White & Blue Veterans Banquet is proud to announce the Keynote Speaker for 2012 is:

Drug Enforcement Administration Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Timothy Sellers

Tim Sellers, one of the most highly decorated agents in the history of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, is a leading figure on the speaking circuit.  Tim Sellers has spoken to a range of audiences from police chiefs, officers, prosecutors and agents, churches, corporate decision makers to trade associations to college students.

Before retirement from the DEA, Tim initiated an investigation that led to the arrest of fourteen Hizb-I Islam Gulbidden and Taliban terrorists, including the leader, who claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing and murder of five Afghan National Security agents in early 2004.  He prevented a planned attack on U.S. and NATO forces by tackling an armed suicide bomber as he was boarding a bus, blocks from US and NATO military headquarters, the Presidential Palace, and the American Embassy.

Tim worked 33 years in Texas, serving as an El Paso, Texas police officer, and as a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  During his Texas assignments, he worked extensively in undercover assignments penetrating and dismantling large-scale Mexican trafficking organizations. He continues to make numerous television appearances and interviews, to include Hannity and Colmes, Fox News Network and MSNBC “The Morning Meeting Show”.  In addition, he owns and manages a real estate investment firm in Texas.

Tim Sellers Is The Author of the Book The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy is the true story of an undercover agent with unconventional methods who became one of the most highly decorated agents in the history of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.  At the heart of this story are the remarkable actions of the last of an aging breed of hard-charging, rough-riding agents who risked it all to protect the innocent, from his raucous beginnings as a street cop in Texas, to $85 million undercover deals with the most deadly of all Mexican drug traffickers.

The Last Cowboy culminates in the hunt for the terror cell that killed five Afghan CIA counterparts.  Disobeying a direct order, the agent tackled a suicide bomber on the streets of Kabul, which saved the lives of countless American soldiers and crushed the suicide bomber terror cell in the aftermath.  This is the true, hard-hitting story of the last “cowboy” to serve with DEA.


United States Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Heroism (2005)
DEA Award for Valor (2004)
United States Red Cross Hero of the Pass (2006)
Nominated Service to America Award (2005)
DEA Administrator’s Award for Actions at Oklahoma City Bombing
Texas Hero (2011)
Executive Board Member- National Drug Enforcement Officers Assn.
Executive Board Member- National Law Enforcement Speakers Bureau
Executive Board Member-National Law Enforcement Training Foundation

Testimonials For The Book The Last Cowboy

“Tim is an epic story teller.  Definitely The Last Cowboy!”

“A very lively instructor.”

“Tim really delivered for us. He was on fire, funny and passionate.”

Book Endorsements:

“Hard-hitting, explosive, and masterfully told.”

“Insurmountable odds, understated courage. Tim Sellers is a cop’s cop with a warrior’s edge. This man knows how to tell a story – utterly gripping page-turner.”

“For a man who has spent most of his life vanquishing some of humankind’s most dodgy individuals, Tim Sellers has, by some miracle, emerged not only alive and well, but with his humanity and humor firmly intact.“

“The Last Cowboy is a ripping account of one man’s battle against terrorists and drug dealers along the Mexico border and Afghanistan. Sellers’ work is a must-read for any patriotic American who understands the undeniable truth that society will descend into anarchy unless cowboys like Sellers are given open range.”

“This man’s story will forever change your ideas on what an American hero is. The battles for our freedom from fear are fought on the ?streets of America, our borders, and in far away places. This is a powerful story written by a true American hero.”

“It is men like Tim Sellers who make the bad guys (in either war or peace), look back over their shoulder and walk a little bit faster.”