2011 Speaker SGM(R) Waugh

The RWB Committee is excited to announce the Speaker for the 2011 Veterans Banquet. We are honored to be welcoming Sergeant Major (SGM) William “Billy” Waugh (US Army-Ret.) who was born December 1, 1929 here in Bastrop and is a highly decorated American Special Forces soldier and a Central Intelligence Agency Paramilitary Operations Officer who served in the United States military and CIA special operations for more than fifty years. SGM Waugh served in the U.S. Army’s elite Green Berets and the CIA’s famed Special Activities Division.

SGM Waugh was born in Bastrop, Texas on December 1, 1929. In 1945, upon meeting two local Marines who returned from the fighting in World War II, the then-15 year-old Waugh was inspired to enlist in the Marine Corps. Knowing that it was unlikely that he would be admitted in Texas because of his young age, Waugh devised a plan to hitchhike to Los Angeles, where he believed a person had to only be 16 to enlist. He got as far as Las Cruces, New Mexico before he was arrested for having no identification and refusing to give his name to a local police officer. He was later released after securing enough money for a bus ticket back to Bastrop. Now committed to serving in the military once he finished school, Waugh became an excellent student at Bastrop High, graduating in 1947 with a 4.0 grade point average.

SGM Waugh has had a distinguished career:

Monday, 16 May 11, SGM Waugh was awarded the US SOCOM Commando Hall of Honor recognition by **** Admiral Eric Olson, the Commander of the US SOCOM (Special Operations Command), based at MacDill AFB, FL, . This is indeed a fine honor for him. The attendees included not less than 10 General Officers of Special Operations, of all branches of the services.

Entered Service: Aug 1948 – Basic at Fort Ord, CA

Jump School: Dec 1948

Apr 1951: Re/up for 187th Abn RCT, Korea

1954: Joined 10th SFG(A) in Bad Tolz, Germany

1957: 77th SFG(A), Fort Bragg, NC

1960-1965: 1st SFG(A), Okinawa w/5 TDYs with A-Teams to Vietnam and Laos

1965-1966: SWIA and assigned to Walter Reed GH, Washington, DC (Patient)

1966-1968: Reassigned to 5th SFG(A) with duty in SOG – FOB-1 of C&C, with duty in Khe Sanh

1968: SWIA and assigned to Kinbrough Army Hosp, Fort Meade, MD

1968-1969: 5th SFG(A) with duty at the 3rd Mobile Strike Force (Mike Force)

1970-1971: SGM of Command and Control South Recon Company. Reassigned then as SGM of Recon Company CCN, Organized HALO, and other duties.

1972:  Retired on 01 Feb 1972 with Total Combat Time Vietnam: 7 1/2 years  ( 5 Gunshot Wounds )

1976-1979:  Worked in Libya

1980-1985: Worked In Hawaii, with local Naval Police, Received Bachelors degrees in Business and Police Science

1986-1987: Worked on the Kwajalein Missile Range, Checking on Russian small boat teams attempting to steal U.S. Guidance Systems

1988: Masters Degree (MSCJA) from Texas State University San Marcos, TX

1989-Present: Contractor

In addition to his Military Career Waugh has served his county in other capacities. At the age of 71, Waugh participated in Operation Enduring Freedom as a member of the CIA team led by Gary Schroen that went into Afghanistan to work with the Northern Alliance to topple the Taliban regime and Al Qaeda at the Battle of Tora Bora. Waugh was in-country from October to December 2001. Waugh spent many years being both a “Blue Badger” (employee) and a “Green Badger” (contractor). He continues to work as a “Green Badger”. It is unknown how many missions Waugh was involved in during his career.

He currently resides in Northwest Florida and is an accomplished author. Click here to find out more about his books and to purchase them though the RWB Veterans.